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          • Hebei tang total order3.2Tons of blue card lorry-mounted crane remote control

            Lorry-mounted crane to purchase according to their own needs to choose suitable all their products,Chengli group lorry-mounted crane mall professional kelvin zhou below to introduce you to hebei tang overall shopping experience。 Hebei tang always find Lorry-mounted crane manufacturers Also in the accessory crane online mall looking for,This is manager wang chengli remote machine received total tang,Listening to

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          • Guizhou total purchase of trinity8Tons of multi-function lorry-mounted crane

            In the small write article before,First of all to thank guizhou total order to success in this company The trinity8Tons of multi-function suizhou crane ,The ROM. Always contact Chengli lorry crane The manager,After contrast and visit factory, Lorry-mounted crane manufacturers The manager from the chassis、Crane performance with hin and custom car detailed introduce to the ROM. Always,This

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          • Mr.wong order of jiangxi dongfeng after build12Tons of xugong lorry-mounted crane

            2018Years in jiangxi province, one of the most popular vehicle market preferred lorry-mounted crane,With the national policy of vigorously developing the bridge are inseparable,In this kind of good environment,Mr.wong a broken grid structures, project contracting,Plant is mainly used to check in my pole,This kind of long poles12M to15M,Heavy1500KGThe left and right sides,From work

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          • Enshi mr.wong sinotruk trump card to order6.3Tons of chengli lorry crane

            Words enshi mr.wong orders sinotruk ace6.3Tons of lorry-mounted crane is introduced by friends,Mr.wong friends than total net success from the lorry-mounted crane store to buy a heavy truck ace6.3Tons of lorry crane,Always do their power,Mainly transport pole and work carrying pole,A long pole9-15M,Weighing about1.2Tons,And6.3Tons of four sections

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        • Lorry-mounted crane platform car manufacturers selling chengli automobile group,Refused to middlemen to earn price difference!Lorry-mounted crane price、Flat car cut in the lowest price,Can instalment free fee!!!
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