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Jining modern wujinjiaodian co., LTD., established in2005Years,Is a collection of hardware appliances and accessories、The electric hand tools、Abrasives、Professional provider of labor protection articles and decorative materials。 Companies to follow“Strive for perfection、The pursuit of excellence”The enterprise idea,To meet the maximum needs of customers for the purpose of the service,Through the joint efforts of all staff,My company in good faith service、Professional technology won the large number of customer support and love,Implements and metallurgy、Electric power、Machinery manufacturing、Food processing、The electronics industry、Decorative property company, and other enterprises and institutions to form the good relations of cooperation and the customer high praise。 At present,Company with“Have a comprehensive variety of product portfolio,A variety of domestic and international famous brand products”As to ensure the maximum to meet customer product selection for requirements,We sincerely look forward to working with new and old customers,Extensive exchanges,Friendly cooperation,In order to“The most affordable price,The most perfect products,High-quality perfect service,”Promoting the development of our enterprise higher 。

Jining modern wujinjiaodian co., LTD., agent products are accessible Shanghai forceEnduraTool,Shandong Wolf electric cable,Shanghai Scorpio electrical appliances,3MProtective equipment,WD-40.South Korea's reliance gloves。

The company also sells for,Stanley,Shanghai essence,Taiwan brand hand electric tools such as strange and Shanghai engineering welding tool。 Germany and soft cable。Grinding wheel imported from Japan。  At the same time is the omron,Schneider,CKD,SICK,IFM,ABBSuch as in jining as an authorized dealer。 Japan Aberdeen spraying equipment and accessories of jining general agent。 Jining agents of France hin resistant safety shoes。We will be“The most affordable price...

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The main
  • The bull strip
  • He locks
  • Cable card
  • Cable tray
  • Hand tools
  • Opple
  • The faucet
  • Other equipment
  • Opple3WEnergy-saving lamps
    Op heart easily16W
    Cable trayYL-16FT
    He tamar730-2225
    He locks275C
    He locks800-8262
    The bullW1120
    The bull stripGN-402/3*1.8
    The bull stripGN-402/3*3
    The bullGN-H1440 8positio3M
    The bullGN-406D 3*3M
    Cable card
    Cable card
    Insert the bulls604 3*3

    Industry information


    I'm the manager of the modern wujinjiaodian company,Customer to my shop to choose light source,I like to recommend the heart easily9W 13W 16WThe light source。High brightness,The big brands,The high quality,The key is the light source is not hot pollution-free。

    Heart easily16WThe light source  ...

    Know about the bulls socket of the three core technology:

    The bulls socket patent original prevent electric shock、Resistance to plug、Burning three core technology

    Quality characteristics:

    High conductivity copper,Nickel plating processing,Prevent rust,Less heat。...

    When we in the choose and buy household items,To firmly grasp two points:It is functional;Second, the visual aesthetic feeling。

    For the lamps and lanterns of home,Its functionality is particularly important,Because a lamp of functional performance not only on the intensity of illumination,Also on the security。In order to make...

    1、The bathroom socket to install the splash proof boxes,Avoid water splashing such as forming circuit。

    2、Socket is flammable pin or dust falling into cause short circuit,Or installed in inflammable and explosive dangerous places,Insert or remove the spark plug produced when an explosion caused by a fire。