Welcome to the world in shandong stone material processing factory's official website! Professional to provide shandong yellow rust stone litchi surface、The burning surface、Luyandan、White rust stone、Wulian stone, stone products are welcome to discuss cooperation!
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      Shandong world shi caihang wei tai shan to the north,And the west through the ages ago Betty stam city qufu,South SAN mencius native place,The north-south beijing-fuzhou expressway and nitto meet here at a high speed,Traffic premise is lunch.The company has large mines,Capital reserves,The quality of a material is good quality.The types of primary production in shandong rust stone:Yellow rust stone、White rust stone、Red stone、Yellow sands、Natural surface、The mushroom stone、Luyandan、Special-shaped stone Rust stone fire board、Natural mushroom stone、Rust Shi Guangban、Rust stone litchi noodles、The project board、Large size sheet, etc.According to customer demand for all kinds of polishing、Inferior smooth、The fire、Machine planer、Litchi、The mushroom processing such as appearance. Pure mineral color,The color difference is small,Is all natural,No radiation data,No risk to the human body.Is the room decoration and landscaping.Is a professional set of shandong rust stone processing、Manufacturing、Design、The construction、Product sales for the integration of comprehensive shi caihang.Of the provincial DeKuangTing laboratory experiments in the middle,Arsenic less than loose degrees or tends to zero,No influence on human well-being,Appropriate building interior decoration plate, and the ground,Better than the marble.Every year there are many high quality board and other products exported to South Korea、Japan、Taiwan、European and American country and region,And sold throughout the country,Well received by vast users! Shandong world shi caihang is a professional set of shandong yellow rust stone processing、Production、Design、The construction、Product sales
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