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Shantou as mettler Tory technology co., LTD-Tory more sales&Service agencies,Products cover:1、Industrial weighing system:Platform scale、Flat platform scale、Hook scale、Truck scale、Packing scale、Weight control instrument、Sensors、Weighing module and so on。2、Process detection analysis equipment:OnlinePHMeter、On-line conductivity、Online dissolved oxygen meter、TOC(Total organic carbon analyzer)And so on。3、Packaging testing equipment:The metal detection machine、The automatic weighing scales、XLight machine, etc。3、Laboratory analysis instruments:Electronic balance、PHMeter/Electrical conductivity、Rapid moisture tester、Potentiometric titration、The density of the refractive index instrument, etc。5、Industrial automation production line、Anti-counterfeiting string goods traceability system。

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  • +Industrial automation production line、Anti-counterfeiting string goods traceability system
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