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Split silk、Woven geotextile
Filament geotextile
Polyester short non-woven geotextile
Environmental protectionHDPEAnti-seepage film
Ordinary low densityHDPEGeomembrane
High densityHDPEGeomembrane
High-strength warp knitted composite impervious membrane
The composite geomembrane
Plastic drainage plate
The garage roof drainage drainage plate
HDPEPolyethylene drainage plate
The waterproof board
Tunnel waterproof board
Tunnel waterproof board
Peritoneal type sodium base bentonite waterproof blanket(Mat)
GCLBentonite waterproof pad

Laiwu city kai yuan engineering materials co., LTD., located at the foot of mount tai;Jinan springs in the north,South hometown of Confucius;Lai、Tai lai、Jiqing highway pass,The transportation is convenient,Convenient。

The company integrates product research、Development、Design、Manufacture in a body,Strong technical force,Product variety is complete,And with many scientific research units throughout the country、Colleges and universities、The design institute has established the close cooperation relations。 The company mainly produces geotextile、Geomembrane、The composite geomembrane、Large room、Drainage network、Geogrid、Geonet pad、Glass fiber grating、GCLWaterproof blanket, etc. Series of geotechnical material。Product technical performance indicators and higher than the national standard requirements,Reached the domestic leading level。At present, the company has domestic advanced geomembrane production line,Compound geomembrane production line,Geogrid production line,Company production of geotechnical material, with large width,High strength,Life is long,Corrosion resistance,Anti-aging,Wait for a characteristic……

Laiwu city kai yuan engineering materials co., LTD

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