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        Nanchong saemaul undong strange fireworks co., LTD. Is located in the national civilization——Nanbu county township cold slope four mouth village,Mountain、The talents;Cover an area of an area280Mu、With a total investment of more than three thousand ten thousand yuan,Design output6Ten million yuan of above。The company has a professional fireworks research and development team,Perfect management team and staff100Many people,Mainly engaged in fireworks、Combination of fireworks, such as research and development and production;Has peculiar nanchong co., LTD. - ok, fireworks just went off(Class a qualification),The equipment is advanced、Skilled,Many times to undertake domestic planning - ok, fireworks just went off、Choreography、Design、Setting off。Company scientific management、Plant standardization、The production scale、Equipment modernization、First-class technology。

Certificate of honor
Address:Slope of nanbu county in sichuan province cold rural village of four mouth