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Xuan city xiang cloud chemical co., LTD created for many years,Is one specialized is engaged in for and chemical raw materials business、Storage and distribution of the trading company。Company is mainly engaged in varieties including basic chemical class“Three acid two alkali”、Fine chemical raw materials、Environmental protection water treatment material and other chemical raw materials, etc。Since the company formed,Under the leaders at all levels of care and support,Through the continuous efforts of all the staff members of the company and struggle,Are now growing,At the same time covering xuancheng city and the surrounding huangshan is established、Wuhu、Gaochun、Anji counties such as sales network。Company products Poison:Hydrochloric acid、Sulfuric acid、Nitric acid、Liquid alkali、Phosphoric acid、Ethyl ether、Acetic acid、Toluene、Acetone、Potassium permanganate sales;Chemical products、Chemical raw materials、Chemical reagent、Glass instruments、Plastic products……

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