Wuxi city standard parts factory co., LTD. Was founded in1956Years,Professional production of various kinds of high strength fasteners。Product standards covering range,According to national standard、Line marking、American standard and din standard production at home and abroad such as the metric system、The imperial high strength fasteners,According to the request of users can also design and manufacture of non-standard fasteners。Product material in addition to the domestic high-quality carbon steel guitar、The combination of steel、Stainless steel、Strong heat and high temperature alloy steel,And the United StatesASTMMaterials stipulated in the standard。Products are widely used in petrochemical industry、Electric power、Nuclear power、The pressure vessel、Highway bridge and machinery manufacturing and other industries。“A lion”Brand products successfully for many times in the oil、Cnooc、Sinopec and other major projects at home and abroad to provide supporting services,Its excellent quality,Specification detailed software information and enthusiasm and thoughtful service,By the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise,It enjoys a high reputation in the industry。
·National standard American standard inch thread
·Hexagon socket head bolts
·Range hood tighten the screw nut
·Non-standard special-shaped products
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